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We at Digimark Agency have made a number of corporate films for the biggest companies in the world for myriad of reasons. For some it’s about branding whilst others use it for internal communication yet whatever the reason they all have one main criteria, it should be a great, unique video. Well we are here to tell you how to make a great quality video. This article covers the basics from a non-technical point of view; we’ll bring out more articles on the technical requirements later from cinematography to editing. So let’s get started.

We have broadly outlined the task of making a corporate video to 4 simple steps.

The old saying of too many cooks spoiling the broth is never truer than when making films. Films are like food. There is no one dish in the world that universally every single individual likes. If you make a dish asking 100 people how it tastes then most probably you will get just as many suggestion and if you implement them all then you will be left with absolute rubbish. So the number one thing to do when taking up a project for a client or for yourself then it is to establish who the final authority on the decisions regarding the film is. Then it is important that person is in the loop throughout the film making process from start to finish.

A corporate film is great, only and only if it serves the purpose that it was created for. What is the point if your film has never before been seen underwater shots or crazy aerial shots with employees partying and rocking music?  If the point of the film was meant to intrigue senior level management to join the company by appealing to their intellect then your film doesn’t serve its purpose.  The key thing to do here is get answers to the following questions.

*What are the core messages to be conveyed through the film? (Maximum 3 as too many can result in the viewer not being able to absorb them)
*Who is the target audience you are looking to address through the film? (The more specific the better it is)
*Get clear answers to these questions and focus your ideas around them an you will get a result that your client wants.

It may sound very obvious but it is nonetheless a very important oft neglected task that needs to be practiced. Why is it neglected because either you feel you know everything about the company because its famous plus you got a brief, or you’ve made many films and know what to do like the back of your hand or a plethora of other reasons.  Yet you must realize you can never know everything and researching extensively on the company is an absolute must.  We guarantee one day of extensive research alone will reap great rewards and ease your work.

Pre-production in our books is everything you do before going for the shoot and also what we feel you should spend maximum time on. Plan out your shoot to the tee and ensure the final output is crystal clear in your mind, but more importantly it should be clear in your clients mind. Some key things that need to be decided that should be done before filming are:

  • Script – a written script should be available that is detailed to the minutest facts
  • Story Board – create a visual storyboard by drawing it or create using  pictures or similar video clips from the net.  
  • Location Planning – Scout the filming location and make sure you know exactly where each person will be, where the camera will be and any other planning.
  • Costume, makeup and colors – Figure out the most appropriate clothes/makeup your actors will wear and also the color themes both according to company branding as well as the location colors
  • Music – Decide the music beforehand as it saves so much time while editing
  • Permissions – Get every permission required in writing and demand whatever you need. If some things aren’t granted then explain the consequences of it on the films result
  • Written Approvals – Get all of the above approved in writing. Why written? That is because when people give it in writing they will actually thoroughly go through everything and this ensures they are on the same page as you.
  • If you ensure that these 4 points are taken into account then you are well on your way to creating a great corporate film. The only thing that you will need to focus on after this is your technical skills with a camera, sound and editing. We shall be providing weekly updates on different technical skills as well as techniques. Hope this article was of some help for you.  Please comment if you feel something else needs to be added or corrected.


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