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What is your Web content?

Web content is the data such as pictures, text, images, and information on the web page. BMDU SEO services guarantee the presence of needed information on your website to draw maximum leads and customers.

Title and Description

The title is the highlight of the page while the description is the additional information on the subject. BMDU Agency follows guidelines by the webmaster and gives the most appropriate title and relevant description that guarantees an enormous increase on the web page.

Is your picture Optimized?

Pictures on the webpage cant be pursued unless given a proper name followed by the SE0 design and mechanics. Pictures should be streamlined utilizing SE0 methods so that the search engine can properly index and rank them. At BMDU, the SE0 team possesses the ability in various optimization methods for optimum results.

Get Better Links!

Connect your website with better links and sources. A website with superior web links performs better than the usual and scores higher. It is basic to get rid of insignificant information and fabricate a trust factor in search engines. At BMDU, we help you to acquire links from reliable sources and domains, consequently procuring high scores on the web index.

Better Navigation?

Visitors appreciate simple yet efficient navigation on the linked pages on the website. Strategically placed internal links allow the website visitors to have a smooth experience. BMDU digital marketing agency has the best SE0 experts who can effectively organize and maintain your website. With proper linking across all the pages on the website, users and web visitors can get a seemingly fluid experience.


Sitemaps act as the GPS on your website -providing a roadmap to all your website pages. It allows search engines or users to have easy access across pages on the website. Sitemaps can be extremely crucial on sites especially with a high number of pages. It also plays an important role in web ranking. Here at BMDU, we can make a comparative way for the search engines to discover your site effectively, expanding the overall visibility and reach..

How to Find The Best SEO Company in Noida?

Follow these tips to pick the best SEO company in Noida -

First thing first, check the SEO agency of your choosing on the google ranking. As an SEO agency, it’s important for their website to rank on the search engines. In any case, if their website is not performing well on search engines, most probably, they are scamming you. It’s best to avoid those companies for SEO projects of your brand. It is maybe far-fetched for such an agency to make your business rank. There are various SEO organizations in Noida incapable to accomplish the highest level and resort to promoting and advertising methods. In doing so they exceed the budget while delivering any existential SEO results. Google Ads are just for last resort and might not draw in the right customers in the long haul and not to mention it costs a fortune. SEO is long term strategies and are best when it comes to generating organic leads.

Top Tips to pick the best SEO Agency for your Business in 2021

Identifying Keywords is the primary goal in SEO.

Google utilizes a variety of algorithms to display the most relevant results in the Google search, regardless of your keyword selection. The SEO organization that beats the most search results on Google is the one that gets the highest number of clicks and leads.

1. How to plan an SEO strategy?

Planning ahead always works and indeed, it applies to Search Engine Optimization too. Google algorithms are changing each year and it may very well affect your web page ranking on Google. Get an SEO agency with qualified professionals who are well versed with all the SEO techniques. An SEO agency such as BMDU offers plenty of SEO services at an affordable budget and provides top-notch services to boost your online presence.

2. How to add credibility to your business with SEO techniques?

Selling anything online requires credibility and authenticity. Be it services or goods your business needs to be trustworthy among your customers. SEO techniques are great when it comes to building the reputation of your brand in the market. Not only it builds the reputation of your business but also adds credibility and authenticity to the website.

3. How much SEO services actually cost?

If you are searching for a high number of quality leads then put your resources in SEO services. There are a number of SEO service providers in Noida, which claim to be the best not to mention number one. Despite the large number and so-called number one SEO providers in Noida, only a few agencies provide good services at a competitive price. Contact BMDU digital marketing agency Noida for market-driven SEO services at a competitive value.

4. How would I research the best SEO organization?

Research is important! So, when you are going to hire a digital marketing company, make sure that you research the following company about its past clients and projects. Furthermore, you can assure yourself even further by checking the reviews and client satisfaction. Never shy to enquire with the agency and then make the best possible decision. Remember every bit of information offered by the SEO agency portrays its latent capacity.

5. Mind your SEO step

Bit by bit way to deal with SEO administrations: Google Webmaster's rules just affirm white hat SEO strategies. Therefore, if an organization guarantees you short-term prominence or quick/surplus leads with a high volume of traffic or any form of ROI on the website; the odds of it getting punished by Google are pretty high. Website optimization ought to be an efficient process. That being said, we at BMDU, follow Google's webmaster’s guidelines to offer a risk-free environment to the client.

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Got a project? Start working with us today!

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How do SEO services help in your business growth?

The quest for the best website streamlining organization closes at BMDU Agency! Best SEO organization in Noida that can take you to the highest point of the search motor outcomes page!

In order to survive and sustain your business being on top is a must. Be it the web crawler or elsewhere your rivals are waiting for a chance to dominate and leave you behind. In such a situation, picking the SEO strategies and following them to maintain the position and ranking. An SEO organization with a great and exceptional track record is vital for the development of your business. Here are a few hints to pick your best SEO service provider -

  • Check the company's portfolio and the SEO experience of your SEO organization. Their triumphs and execution regarding expanding natural traffic and leads or even changes can say a lot about their accomplishments.
  • The group size or strength of the company is enough to tell if they are equipped for conveying what you need.
  • Is the SEO organization besting the SERP page? To welcome your business on top of the web index page, they themselves should rank at the top of the search results. If you decide to collaborate with an agency that isn't great google’s ranking[, at that point, it is extremely unlikely that the agency can assist you with accomplishing any of your business goals.
  • There are plenty of organizations that make bogus vows to rank your organization at the top of the SERP page. You can cross-check by checking their google ranking to see where they stand and potentially where they can take your site later on.

    Search Engine Optimization Services at BMDU Agency Noida

    The SEO at BMDU Noida is planned explicitly to enhance your natural web reach and traffic. By expanding the web traffic, ultimately affects overall sales and the conversion rate on the web. Our tested SEO techniques guarantee a high profitability rate when it comes to your online presence.

    Straight forward SEO process at BMDU Agency.

    First thing first, we understand the business and its requirements and then come up with the needed strategy. Building a perfect SEO strategy for your business requires significant investment and break down. Every business type is exceptional and so are the SEO strategies. We design and apply the best-suited SEO techniques for maximum results. Here are the things that we focus on the most -

    Keyword Research - Incorporating the right keywords onto your webpage sets the foundation for our SEO journey ahead. We use highly advanced tools for finding the right keywords related to the business you are in. Doing that will allow your website to surface more often whenever that person makes a search on Google.

    Specialized Optimization - The website must be technically structured in order to perform well on google search results. At BMDU, We make sure that the meta tags, description, and other important details are properly optimized for optimum results. The specialized structure of a site massively affects its presentation.

    On-page Optimization - We also optimize on-page content like your text, videos, pictures, or images for the maximum benefit. Through this process, you are constantly informing google to understand and learn even further.

    Web Content - Content should be according to SEO standards and need improvement and adjustments over time. SEO Experts at BMDU, have more than enough experience and skills to handle all the complicated work for you. Content Optimization is a great way to deliver enormous advantages for any business.

    UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) - Both play a critical role in the performance of your website. That being said, your business needs an all-around optimized website to be on priority on google searches. A website that looks and works really fine earns extra points when it comes to web traffic and organic conversions.

    Benefits of SEO

    If you are running a business or firm, chances are you have heard or read about SEO and its benefits in making an online presence. Needless to say, SEO is the quintessential tool of an effective advertising system available in the market.

    There are plenty of organizations in Noida that guarantee you the best results but in reality, they mostly end up right at the lower part of web searches. We at BMDU, go with setting a good example for others and our SEO methodologies are demonstrated to keep us on top.

    SEO impacts your business in a huge way. Here are the greatest advantages you can get from SEO -

    1. Target Quality Traffic - We highly prioritize quality traffic on your website. In simple words, it is a process where all of your local searches set to go for your website. It is an effective inbound advertising/marketing plan. Once your website ranks on top search results you can easily get access to your target audience with banners and hoardings online. Things get really simple and with you will be able to attract more and more customers.
    2. Website design optimization drives clients and customers with surveys and reviews. This gives you an upper edge, as they are eagerly hoping to buy or get the services. This consequently builds your odds to advertise your goods and services into deals or leads!
    3. Search Engine Optimization is the process where you receive unlimited benefits and doesn't cost a fortune immediately like advertisements. Truly, it brings consistent benefits to your business. Website optimization guarantees quality searches for your brand by the search engine. We can optimize your website according to Google algorithms so that the content on your website is best suited to a customer's query.

    We at BMDU, do not believe in providing only services. We provide hope, and build aspirations. We believe in giving your company soar to the topmost sky !

    Search engine optimisation

    Search Engine Optimization We deliver the best web optimization service in Noida and here at BMDU, we can effectively help you in making your website a top tanker in google search results. SEO is the only way to make your business a well known brand. Opt for it today.

    Social Media Marketing

    It won't be wrong if we say social media websites are the second home. It is a place where we want to stay and explore - making it the most desired place to market your product and services. These social media websites have a huge potential and we are going to exploit these resources for you.

    Paid Search (Adwords)

    Paid search connects you as a service provider to the customer quickly and easily with simple steps. We at BMDU, place your ads strategically on a search engine that brings a huge inflow of leads and sales. This entire process will generate enough cash flow than it actually cost to put the ads.

    Website Designing

    A website is the face of the organization or brand in an online space. It provides an identity to the online world, therefore, it becomes really important to have the best website - a website that is compelling enough to attract your customers. If you are looking for the best web designers, BMDU got it covered.

    Site Analytics

    Web Analytics abounds in the total web information of an organization into the specific situation and impediments of the encompassing scene. With BMDU's expertise, you can fabricate a superior business world with genuine answers, genuine choices, and genuine discussions readily available.

    Mobile Marketing

    This is where we discover faces stuck to the Smartphone screens! Nowadays, mobile marketing is the real deal. BMDU will assist you with attracting targeted audiences and then en route them towards your brand’s website..

    Email Marketing

    We all are aware of emails. But do you know the benefits of Email Marketing? It is one of the best ways to connect with your existing and potential customers. BMDU's designs the best email templates. Our email marketing techniques make your brand more appealing to a larger audience.

    Application Development

    Sometimes, a website is not enough for a brand or business. In such cases, you need a mobile app to reach even a larger user. We develop all kinds of apps for Android and Apple OS for a variety of purposes. To grow your business with a rapid growth speed. Build an app for your business today.

    Application Store Optimization

    Once you have an app for your business, then it requires proper attention. In order to bring more downloads to your mobile application; you need app store optimization to deliver a high number of clicks and download on your application. Thankfully, BMDU offers great app store optimization packages for every need.

    Client Results & CaseStudy

    SEO Company FAQ'S

    Q1. How to analyse monthly reports of Ranking, Traffic, Analytics?

    You can use various platforms to check your monthly report of ranking and other measurement of data :

    • Digital Research :
    • Benchmark, Website & App Analysis, Industry research and Audience research.

    • Digital Marketing :
    • Competitive Analysis, SEO & PPC, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing.

    • Sales :
    • Lead Generation, Lead Enrichment, Sales Engagement, Fraud Detection.

    Q2. How much time will my website take to rank on Google First Page?

    It will take 3-6 month to rank a site on Google’s first page. If you will go through intentional & intensive SEO work respective to your website.

    Q3. Can we work with the same set of keywords throughout?

    No it’s not necessary to worry about your keyword set. You can update it as the time passes on. If you find any other trends keywords match to your business kind then you must include it and if you find any word that expires with the passage of time you must exclude that.

    Q4. What are the benefits of Off & On page Optimization?

    Off page and On page SEO increases rakning and SERP rate of your site and returns good traffic and leads to you. Will take your website to wonderful exposure with the number of links, traffic and social media.

    Q5. Is Black Hat SEO illegal or not? Do we provide Black Hat SEO?

    Black Hat SEO is illegal. Black Hat SEO works against the rules and can have penalties and punishments too. No, we do not provide Black Hat SEO.

    Q6. NoFollow vs DoFollow links? What are the benefits of DoFollow links and NoFollow links?

    DoFollow and NoFollow links are ways to identify a link to tell Google how we can associate a website to link with your website. DoFollow links are the way to pass on the authority to a website. On the other hand, NoFollow links do not pass link juice.

    Q7. How to rank a Site in Local SEO?

    You can rank your site with different ways to improve your Local SEO.

    • 1 . Create Google my Business account.
    • 2 . Optimize for Voice Searches.
    • 3 . Create content on local stories and events
    • 4 . Optimize website for mobile
    • 5 . Use Location Specific search for your About page.

    Q8. How much Budget should I put for SEO?

    Mostly the charge of monthly SEO services is about $3,000 to $10,000 every month. This is just an average as per the international SEO budget it can also be less than $5000 and high can be $2500 range.

    Q9. How can I start Free SEO Consultation?

    Take a tour of all our websites and read the articles to know the status of your site and you can ask for a Free evaluation of your site. This is totally free of cost and we understand your SEO Strategies and tactics that matter for you.

    No, it will not burn your marketing budget, want to know why?/p>

    Search engine optimization is an organic way of bringing visitors to your website. We at BMDU have flexible plans specifically embracing the evolving market for startups in Noida. Every product is unique in its way and so is the Search engine optimization technique. It also depends on the Search engine optimization goals of companies. They may include

    1. lead generation/conversion of visitor to buyer
    2. Branding/loyalty
    3. Customer engagement
    4. Build a reputation among customers

    These are only a few Search engine optimization goals... Tell us your goal and we will show you the path to success. Call us now for a free digital marketing audit.

    About BMDU SEO Services in Noida

    If consistency is your goal, then BMDU is the place. Well, in BMDU, to be on the top of the search list is our prime objective, be it for ourselves or our clients we ensure the search begins with us. You can always find us on top of the search page while you look for SEO services in Noida. Our digital marketing skills enable our customers to ensure the top spot- this can be the best thing for our customers We ardently stick to Google Webmaster's guidelines by following only White Hat SEO Techniques and provide the best possible SEO services. Our team of digital marketing professionals and SEO experts are hand-picked in the industry. This team of SEO professionals performs a thorough analysis and shortlists the best SEO techniques that are customized for your needs.

    Why BMDU Agency?

    With constant client-renewals and many new client sign-ups just by the word of mouth, it is perhaps needless to say that BMDU is any company's best SEO agency option. Our team of SEO professionals have experience working across industries and take ease in securing the prime spot on the search page.

    If you still are dubious about our services, no issues. We're just a call away! Or, drop in your details and requirements, we'll get in touch with you!

    How BMDU can make a difference?

    At BMDU we believe in Reap what you sow. With the unique understanding of Google algorithms and consistent plan of effort, there can be no stone unturned in getting you all the attention on the Google search page. You can expect palatable Return on Investment(ROI) and long-lasting organic leads pouring as the SEO process completes one cycle.

    Why SEO is important for your business?

    In the era where everything from groceries to a haircut to "you name it" can be availed on google if a business is not on google then it rather not exist at all. Today Customer is the king, with reviews and star ratings and what not as the criteria for choosing a service or good, building a company can be challenging. SEO builds and sets the company on an acceleration that ensures desired SEO results.

    Studies show that if your Website/Domain isn't at the top of the Search Result you will never gain any leads through the net.

    Ever wondered why a competitor ranks far ahead on the search page? With Google's ever-evolving ranking algorithms, SEO is nothing but a scientifically designed technique called Search Engine Optimization. SEO techniques are proven over the years to provide the highest-ranking for websites across search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With over 200 SEO ranking factors and major consistent algorithm updates, if one intends to achieve higher rankings for a website SEO is the only solution.

    SEO Services in Noida

    Noida offers a plethora of SEO services providing agencies, but a company like BMDU is a class apart. We devout our time and efforts in upbringing our clients to the top rank and ensuring you tap only the potential customers. High-quality backlinks and Zero spam influx are a trademark of BMDU.

    Be it choosing the appropriate Keywords, to achieve your organization goals BMDU has it sorted.

    How to get maximum ROI through SEO

    ROI or Return on Investment is the fundamental goal of any organization.BMDU’s main mantra is to ensure maximum return on the investments for its clients through SEO Services. ROI is also the reason why a company contemplates investing in any of the online marketing strategies. Be it Google Ads or Search Engine Optimizing - the choice is always a conundrum. While Ads have a short life, SEO results last longer. While one chooses SEO as their choice of online marketing strategy, there are a few main factors to be considered while ranking first on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). The factors often include long-tail keywords, quality backlinks and of course providing regular on-page updates. At BMDU Agency, we emphasize the value of long-tail keywords to all our SEO clients. We have observed how some of our clients upgraded to BMDU only for our customized SEO services that promise higher ROI and are indeed happy about the results thus far.

    Key Aspects of ROI through SEO at BMDU Agency

    By following the key SEO techniques, one can notice these set of characters in their business.

    • The inflow of leads
    • Constant enquiries
    • Visitor traffic/recurring traffic
    • The potential set of customers who could be conversions
    • These when analyzed properly with the help of appropriate SEO tools and Google Analytics your business could reach highly profitable returns just by associating with BMDU !

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