Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel, Digital marketing plan which aims to reach a target audience with the medium of their mobile phone, Tablets and other devices. We connect with them via Websites , SMS , Social Media , Apps , Emails and MMS. In the past year all the traffic shifted their attention on the mobile device only. Because of this trend, marketers are focusing on mobile phone marketing. In this race of earning more and more profit you must update yourself day by day and try to get the attention of audience omnichannel engagement. When it comes to mobile marketing this stands for an idea. You just need to utilize SMS / MMS marketing and mobile apps. When we talk about long or short term marketing plans. We can’t skip Mobile marketing via Emails and PPC ( Pay Per Click ). We are listing some more major strategies that can be helpful to get a strong network for marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Mobile Marketing can do wonders for its driving brand value and demand generated from mobile marketing. Mobile is also growing steadily. This is said by most of the eMarketer, That mobile can grow the audience to 55.7 million which is nearly 19 percent. Today, there are a huge number of mobile devices in the world, 8.7 billion. Mobile Marketing means not only for online media but also the offline media.

BMDU can solve Problems of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is unique in that it can reach people in real time. It helps you to bring more and more sales through mobile marketing.

  • Unsurity about your audience, are they using mobile or not?

    Today, from the 7 to 90 age range people are using mobile devices. In other words we can say that almost everyone uses a mobile device. It takes some time to build a buyer personas and you will be able to reach the targeted audience.

  • My website and content are not responsive

    One of the first steps is to create and run a program of mobile marketing. And ensure the responsive design across the Website, Email and Landing page. And implement that responsive design to ensure a seamless and easy in engaging to attract people.

  • Having a good traffic but not conversion

    There are so many options to analyse and optimize how much traffic on your site is converting into the conversion. To fix this problem we offer so many programmes and strategies. Such as improving the responsiveness of the site and landing page. After implementing the responsive design you will see that your site is busting the mobile conversion rates.

  • Integrate the mobile strategy into my marketing plan

    First you need to decide the success you are looking for to define the effective strategy. Get the key stakeholder together to map the mobile marketing strategies.

Components of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is not limited with only messaging and mobile apps. To have a cohesive marketing goes far beyond your imagination. Let’s look at how responsive design works for you.

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

    Mobile Friendly means a content fits to the screen without the zooming and scrolling bar. And must be taken a few times to load. And should be free from all mobile specific errors. This is important for maintaining a mobile-friendly site to create a consistent and engaging UX. As it has a dramatic effect on every step of the buying cycle.

  • Mobile-friendly Marketing MMS / SMS

    SMS and MMS are the direct method of sending the valuable content to customers directly. But this is important to use as these channels are wisely getting the customers and business leads. BMDU helps you to Gain knowledge about the best techniques to get your customers fast to you.

  • Mobile Friendly Advertising and landing pages

    Fifty Seven percent of emails are opened onto your mobile platform. It’s imperative that your emails employ responsive design. According to a strategy that most of the formats web pages content for optimal viewing onto any device. And never miss the landing pages as well. This is necessary as if your email is mobile friendly but after clicking onto the link of your landing page which isn’t optimized for the mobile phone. Then the visitors will likely become uninterested or frustrated and will click away.

  • Mobile-Friendly Apps

    This is the right strategy and road map for having more traffic onto your web. And also increase the opportunity of having the engagement of customers. Explore the different types of apps for productivity, Commerce, Retained, Engagement and for other purposes also.

  • Mobile Friendly MarTech

    Twenty percent of mobile apps are only used once not multiple times. And only even on the consumers who have 50 to 100 apps on their mobile phone. So this is must to ensure that your mobile app should stand out from all of the competitions. BMDU can help you to achieve high in through the mobile friendly apps.

How do we help you out in Planning, Implementing and Optimizing

1. We do create Mobile Buyer Personas

Understanding the audience is the very first step in the field of digital marketing strategy. So we can say that buyer persons are importantly a valuable tool to aid into your growing plans. Create a profile to describe everything about you and your business including all the information, goals and purchase process. Or you can do one thing to make a clear picture of your business to your audience

2. Set Goals

This is needed before launching a mobile marketing strategy, to determine your goals anc create the plan. BMDU can help you to understand the lifestyle of the customers and develop personas. To do this you first need to prepare the Marketing Calendar and Automation Toolkit along with the proper description of your main objectives.

3. Establish KPIs

Just like the other marketing efforts, mobile marketing also requires to be tested and optimized. It must be Engagement, Acquisition and Customer service.

4. Monitor mobile metrics

Although Google Analytics helps you to monitor mobile usage details of your site. Mobile Behavior data indicates whether and how it’s important to optimize for mobile browsing. But BMDU is providing the complete solution for all kinds of problems related to mobile marketing.

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